How should I introduce myself… and how should I introduce my blog? Maybe the best thing to start with is to explain why my blog is called ‘SurLesYeuxVerts’ (through green eyes). After explaining a bit why I picked this name, I will tell you more about who I am. Let’s start!

The main reason why I chose this name to be the name for my blog is; I have green eyes! And I see the world around me and the things that really inspire me through those eyes. Besides, there is another reason; I am in love with the French culture. Especially with the casual but chic Parisian style, the great French food, and not insignificant their amazing wine! I blend these facts all together and picked the name of my blog.

Furthermore I live in London and I really like to collect everything around me that inspires me or catches my eye.
In my opinion inspiration can be; art, fashion, buildings, different cultures, nature, a person, a sentence, a song, a fragrance, a feeling, a certain street you walk in etc! Look around you it is everywhere!

Furthermore I am graduated in the direction of communications, strategy and innovation. As a young starting professional and lover of the beautiful things in life I am very excited to share my point of view on the things that really inspire me in life!

I also use tumblr as a source of great inspiration. Please visit my tumblr page if you want to find out more about what inspires me on a daily bases!




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