10 thoughts a girl gets while enjoying her latte

As it is starting to get chilly outside (only in the mornings the afternoons are still hot hot hot!), city girls are starting to crave a latte. When I was living in the safe village I am from I was not even thinking of getting a coffee let alone a latte. But ever since I moved to London, lattes can really give me some piece and quiet during a busy day.

In general when you take some time to just reevaluate while sipping in the most possible charming way on your Starbucks (preferable soy or pumpkin spice) latte, there are some thoughts coming up that you did not even think about while just sitting behind your desk or when standing in a busy tube.

Here are 10 examples every girl just might start to think about when enjoying her latte:

1. I need a new manicure (looks at nails)
Autumn means dark colors like purples, greys, blues you name it!

2. This is just a perfect day for a stroll around Kensington
Think pearls, glamour, Harrods, afternoon teas….

3. Wait, it is almost Halloween! What should I be this year?

4. How many calories does this latte contain?
Maybe I should have gotten a smaller size, oh well I just have a salad for lunch/dinner.

5. Oh, I need to get a new sweater
It is autumn, so burgundies are a must have!

6. A haircut would be nice for fall as well
Maybe a lighter color, some high/lowlights?

7. What movie should I watch tonight?

8. I need a new blanket

9. Wait, I am at Starbucks, a slice of carrot cake would be nice right now

10. I need to start exercising


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