Ace & Tate

Ace & Tate the most incredible glasses brand on the planet if you ask me. As soon as I was introduced to this brand I just couldn’t sleep anymore because I was desperate for a pair of trendy glasses. As soon as I went to concept store Hutspot and the A&T shop in shop at Hotel Droog in Amsterdam I just knew that this brand was answering all my questions when it comes to design, convenience and style! I just thought ‘ok, this is it and from now on I will refuse to wear any other brand.’ (Ok, I will debate about the opportunity to wear Chanel or Stella McCartney glasses but anyway you get my point). It is very likely to think that my enthusiasm is slightly overdone as you may think I get paid to write a nice article about this brand. Well, unfortunately this is not the case.

I just got super excited as soon as I saw the nice and quite nerdy frames and colors. But I went totally over the moon about the fact that this brand does not use its brand name on the sides of the glasses (this makes it more mysterious right?).

Another convenient thing about A&T is the fact that it is super easy to buy a pair of sunnies or glasses online.  I just can not live anymore without my Jane in Marbled Green. I just can’t. Not only because I can not see anything when I am reading without my glasses, but also because it is now possible to buy a pair of fabulous, smart looking glasses under a hundred Euro’s! Don’t we students all just LOVE that?



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