Summer Essentials

Yes the temperature keeps on rising and this means it is summer! Which means it is that time of the year again to arrange your make up and chose the perfect summer essentials.

My essentials are quite simple and pink! Ohh yes cause this is the color of summer. The products are  for example quite essential to carry along thru the city when you are traveling from the one end of London to do some shopping to the other end of the city to meet some friends for a refreshing glass (or 2) of Pimm’s (Huuurayyy).

I carry my all-time favorite unisex D&G perfume N0.6 L’amoureux around in a little travel spray edition so it is always possible to spray around when it is needed. Cause boy the tube can be very very stuffy during the summer. Furthermore I carry some Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm around cause this color is just perfect and very  cute to wear during the day time. Another plus is that it has a nice tropical taste as well.

Slightly going into the warm summer afternoon it is time to put one some warm pink YSL gloss (N0.19), a bit of glitter purple KIKO eyeshadow (No.1), update your lashes with a hint of some Maybelline Mega Manga mascara and you are ready to go! Furthermore I always carry some Soap & Glory Hand Food cream with, not only because it smells just great  (it really smells like Miss Dior Cherie) but, it is also very convenient if you have some dry spots on your legs or feet. This all together with some hot pink Barry M nails make you ready for a long summer night!

Let the summer begin!


Summer essentials


3 thoughts on “Summer Essentials

    • I just love Soap & Glory! Their products just work as they should and the fragrance makes me so happy every time I use it. Right now I only use their Hand Food but I am definitely willing to try their other products as well!

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