Pradasphere in Kensington

Kensington, on one hand the borough in London where you can spend an awful amount of money in one place and on the other hand the borough where the rich and famous find there quite sanctuaries and like to live as far as possible from the big companies you can find in The City. Kensington is the place where people like to stroll around thru the quite and peaceful streets, go to their yoga classes and have a glass of good quality wine at two in the afternoon.

Kensington is the place where I like to go when I want to see something completely different from the busy high streets of Oxford Circus and when I want to be surrounded by the beautiful windows of the exclusive shops, limited edition Ferrari’s, Bentleys, and people who are dropped off by their drivers to go shopping at Harrods. However this luxurious borough is also trendsetting. Another reason why Kensington is appealing to me. Although things are extremely luxurious, there are some very good and affordable restaurants and there are some pretty exciting exhibitions.

As I walked down Knightsbridge I walked into Prada’s exhibition ‘Pradasphere’ which is temporarily situated on the fourth floor of Harrods. I was amazed by the amount of creations Prada displayed and immediately super excited. I wanted to absorb every single outfit. The ‘Pradaspehere’ is a true experience for those who love fashion and high quality. Furthermore this exhibition points out a very good impression on the numerous of accomplishments Prada has made from the beginning.




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