Trends and the City

Going to the city and walk around to just find out new places and areas makes me so happy ! I feel amazed every time when I realize that London gives me so much energy every time I walk along the streets of Mayfair, London Bridge, Notting Hill, Shoreditch or Kensington. I love to just pick an area an walk around as if I am on an adventure of  finding some non touristic places. I love to find out what Londoners do and what the new street style trends are. Watching trends is one of my favorite things to do, especially on weekends

These are some of the trends I found out about this week:

Women should wear:

– Vintage 80’s jeans jackets
– Platforms
– Their hair cut in a bob-line or as if you just came out of bed
– A beige oversized coat
– As many short golden thin necklaces as possible
– Eye-liner
– Purple lipstick (this might be a problem as this color lipstick is sold out  every where!)
– Big sunglasses
– A Longchamp bag
– New Balance sneakers
– A bordeaux sweater
– Red or pink nail polish
–  A grey or white big t-shirt stolen from your boyfriend
– Belly tank (be sure you check if this really fits your figure)
– Something in pastel pink
– Ripped black skinnies
Men should wear:

– Skinny jeans (guys, please only wear them when you are tall and skinny otherwise you look like a girl in leggings)
– Flowered t-shirs
– Biker jacket
– Nike Roshe Runs
– A colbert
– A well fitted light blue smart shirt
– Wayfarer sunglasses
– Beige suede shoes
– A beard
– A shirt with floral print
– Chelsea boots


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