Working sounds before Santa stops by…

In exactly one month it is Christmas. And in these days before Santa stops by (and hopefully gives me a lot of presents) I really like to surround myself with scented candles, loads and loads of tea and some relaxing music while working thru my huge project. Right now I am listening to Norah Jones but I just cached myself daydreaming while listening to her dreamy songs. So I probably need to change my working sound a bit. Well, anyways here are a few nice and cozy ‘pre Christmas working songs’!

  • Norah Jones – Shoot the moon
  • The National – This is the last time
  • Aretha Franklin – Walk on by
  • Billy Paul – Me and Mrs Jones
  • Bob Dylan – Lay Lady Lay
  • The Clash – Train in Vain
  • Patti Smith – Dancing Barefoot
  • Frank Sinatra – I’ve got you under my skin


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